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Thursday, October 13th 2005

11:18 PM

Will is HOME!

We are so happy to have Will at home! He has been to football practice to hang out with the guys for the last two days. He has been talking and laughing with his buddies. He has met with his physical therapists here and his work from Baptist Hospital continues. Will's condition has GREATLY improved. Late today he surprised his parents with the news that his vision is NOT blurry. He is focusing well with his left eye now. Will has been a brave young man through-out this ordeal. His positive attitude and work ethic combined with a community of prayer have helped him heal. Welcome Home!
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Sunday, October 9th 2005

10:16 PM

Will is coming HOME!

Will is coming home on Tuesday afternoon. We talked to Flo this evening and Will is SO much better. The Snows visited him this afternoon and report he is stronger and feeling much better. Will talked to Coach B and he sounds like his old self on the phone. He has been working hard in physical therapy and will continue with the therapy in Boone. He still has some blurred vision, but he can wiggle his toes on his right foot now. All his hard work is paying off. We will continue to pray for a full recovery. Will ,it'll be great to see you in the High Country!
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Thursday, October 6th 2005

1:53 PM

Getting a Workout!

Thanks again to all who have written and visited. Will has been moved to a new room-303 for intense physical therapy. He works out several times a day for about 3 hours each time. I just talked to Flo and the therapy is going well. His stability is improving. He is still having some trouble with headaches and blurry vision, but the doctors believe that with time, everything will heal. All test results indicate he should make a full recovery-it will take time and work. Please note that this center is strict about the visiting hours- 4-8 pm weekdays, 2-8 on Saturday and Sunday and the number of people who can visit-two at the time. If a large number of people want to visit, Will can roll into the lobby to see everyone at once. Will, we lift you up in prayer. May God give you the inner strength and courage to overcome this adversity.
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Sunday, October 2nd 2005

9:46 PM

Will is coming home soon!

Will had a good day today after some tough news Saturday morning. At some point in this ordeal, Will has suffered a mild stroke. However, the neurologists say that he will make a full recovery. There should be no permanent damage from the stroke or the head injury. At this time Will is bothered by some blurry vision and a temporary loss of peripheral vision. His right foot is still not responding, but doctors feel that time and physical therapy will heal this. On Saturday, he had another CT-scan to check for further damage to arteries in his neck. Thank the Lord, the test was negative-no further damage was found. Will should not suffer from any further strokes. He will need physical therapy and time to make a full recovery. Today, Flo and Glenn were told that Will can probably come home the first of the week. Will walked 3 times today and was very alert. Aslo he went to see Will Dicus this morning. Lets keep both Wills in our prayers.
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Friday, September 30th 2005

4:30 PM

Good News Today!

Will is much more alert today. He called Coach Snow and asked about tonight's game. The boys will talk to him on the phone before the game tonight. Last night Will had another CAT scan and an MRI. Both results today were great. No new problems were found and the doctors continue to believe Will should make a full recovery. His right foot and left eye are bothering him some, but these problems seem to stem from his brain needing more time to heal- not any permanent damage. Will has seen an occupational therapist and a physical therapist will work with him this evening. Please keep Will and his family in your prayers. Flo and Glenn are very grateful for all the flowers, cards. and visits. They appreciate all the love and support of this wonderful community.
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Wednesday, September 28th 2005

2:10 PM

Moving Rooms Again!

I just spoke with Flo. Will is moving to a regular room later today. He is able to sit in a chair for short periods of time. The neck brace has been removed. He is able to put together more and more details. He knows he is in Baptist Hospital, not Watauga and that he flew there. He asked, "Will I be OK?" Yes, Will , we are all praying for you to be OK! He is still sleeping alot; it's hard for him to keep his eyes open for long periods of time. He is getting breathing treatments to exercise his lungs and prevent pneumonia. Flo will let us know the new room number later today.
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Tuesday, September 27th 2005

6:10 PM

Good News!

Will was sitting up in a chair today. He is still groggy, drifts in and out, but is MUCH improved. Six doctors have looked at him in the last 12 hours and all of them say he will make a full recovery; it just takes time. The doctors said that Will experienced a trauma to his brain that was similar to a car accident. He has answered lots of questions from everyone, everything from math to english to football. Six coaches visited him today as well as Dr. Short and Ms. Quick. Will is out of intensive care, but is still being monitered closely.  His new room is B614 at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston Salem.  Visiting hours are 8am to 8pm.
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Monday, September 26th 2005

8:39 PM

Website up and running!

I am glad to say that we have gotten the Will Davis Recovery website up and running. We will be posting information dealing with Will's recovery very frequently, so be sure to check back often. There is also a message board where everyone can write will messages or just post comments. Thanks everybody for your prayers and concerns!
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